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1.13.2022 finally set up a cozy space here
1.15.2022 blog is live
3.14.2022 Plant Log & Morbid Curiosities
3.17.2022 Garden is offically live!
3.27.2022 Added more to the blog and bookmarks page
3.29.2022 New layout and color scheme
3.30.2022 I have my very own site button
4.29.2022 I felt like something new so everything is rehauled

Scrawl on the Wall

Beware stranger, you've gone into the vvitch's lair. This is a personal repository of thought and expression. Nothing more, nothing less. Feel free to browse around and leave a message, it gives me a dopamine rush. If there are any broken links it's 100% my fault and I'll try to correct things on my next commit.

So I've never been great at introductions. You may know me by other aliases but you can otherwise call me nenetl (pronounced neh-neht). This means doll in nahuatl. And if you really want to know, I'm a twenty-something yr. old first generation chingona trapped in AmeriKKKa, and I have an addiction to boba milk tea and Mac Sin. I dream of a day when we are not separated by borders.

Currently Reading "Open Veins of Latin America"
working on some articles regarding neo-colonialism