A brief, obligatory post about who I am and where I stand with my politics and personal beliefs. If you're rightwing, fascist, "trad", or subscribe to abusive ideologies than this isn't the place for you. While it is unlikely that I will seriously encounter nazis, I do encounter a lot of toxic individuals hiding behind identity politics regardless of their allignment. Finding common ground with a group of people hellbent on eradicating my existence is more than a simple disagreement between two people. Unfortunately, I understand the underlying structures of white supremacy on a digital scale, and I know who their leaders are and how they spend their time and money. I pick my battles. They're more afraid of me, than I am of them.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't get along with a lot of leftists. I am not an anarchist, and I don't blindly adhere to any ideology or belief system, but I am committed to re-establishing Indigenous sovereignty. To undermine the capitalist structure and its abusive scripts about human worth in relation to work, productivity, and ownership. To subvert imperialism and to actively decolonize. I am aggressively opposed to oppressive and coercive power structures of all kinds. I lean marxist, but I am not a tankie. I am critical and wary of the history of misogyny within leftist organizations. I am extremely suspect of individuals who glow. I don't think it's radical for anyone to declare their sites a "ACAB zone".

Wording and inspiration borrowed from Lizbeth Poirier and Rekka Bellum.