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1.13.2022 finally set up a cozy space here
1.15.2022 blog is live
3.14.2022 Plant Log & Morbid Curiosities
3.17.2022 Garden is offically live!
3.27.2022 Added more to the blog and bookmarks page
3.29.2022 New layout and color scheme
3.30.2022 I have my very own site button
4.29.2022 I felt like something new so everything is rehauled

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I am going to be completely honest here; I have a habit of avoiding people and specific platforms when I get overwhelmed with things. So please don't expect me to respond immediately or assume that I'm not going to get back to you. I know that I'm not the only one that's busy, unless you're actually not. I don't owe anyone my undivided attention, and neither do you. My contact preferences are listed in descending order.

e-mail [download my PGP key]
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