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Magazines and Publications

  • Privacy Guides is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to tighten their digital security. Several contributers are respected or known in the cybersecurity community.
  • unredactedmagazine a unique publication covering all relevant news regarding cybersecurity. A great resource for anyone who doesn't have time to go through every securitynow podcast.
  • lowtechmagazine as described on their about page, Low-tech Magazine questions the belief in technological progress, and highlights the potential of past knowledge and technologies for designing a sustainable society.
  • thecreativeindependent Lots of unique interviews with legendary figures from all walks of life. I recommend anyone to go through their catalog.
  • The Provocateur A sapphic publication ran by Kristin Prim.
  • itsgoingdown Anarchist publication that signal boosts events and shares news.
  • Sub.Media Independent publication that covers current events with a variety of podcasts. Their work goes back to the early 2000s.