Dubiety within the Western Left

July 6 2022

It didn't come as a surprise to me, and I'm sure others felt the same way about the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The outrage wasn't enough when Politico leaked the upcoming ruling. It was accepted readily, like gas for $6/gallon. Two weekends worth of protests, maybe. The status of women in America has been accepted.

Racialized women and working class women will be hit the hardest by these rulings and limitations to contraceptive access. There have been arguments against protests in Democratic states where abortion is legal, which is individualistic thinking. Dismissing the reality of women living in Conservative states is a impicit way to accept the Supreme Court's decision, and therefore the current status of women in the United States. While the ruling has been called a victory for "white" life , indigenous and migrant women are sterilized in concetration camps after being separated from their families. How many children will be lost in the end? Will it ever end at all? Where is the outrage? This is a country where we are desensitized to Black children being slaughtered by law enforcement. The collective population is acutely aware of this fact, but there is a division between those those who fight and those who turn an eye or defend this violence and racism.

For a category with zero representation in U.S politics, you'll find no shortage of self proclaimed leftists on closed gardens like Twatter or Meta affiliated apps. There's a chance that you know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you do then you're also aware of how insufferable they are. Believe it or not, it's really not better most corners of the net either. This is understandable considering that there are many branches of leftism which may each hold contradictory beliefs to one another, but this barrier is only amplified by edgy preteens and adult children who refuse to confront class, identity politics, and liberalism.

So not only is there a lack of organization within the left here, but there is a compulsive fixation with 1st world problems and obtaining dopamine via arguing on their favorite data harvesting sites, that they most likely simutaniously dunk on. Even the self proclaimed leftists here advocate for some utopian freedom offered by net 2.0 or some vague idea that hasn't been fully formed. I think it's supposed to be self expression but so far it's only been unironically advocating for neopronouns (as if they have anything to do with supporting gay rights), and defending predatory behavior against minors in the name of sex positivity.

And then there are leftist women who focus on their indivdual choices in relation to feminism instead of examining the collective class struggle. This has to be the most frusterating to come across, especially as many radical feminists refuse to accept the nuances that come with race and class status. Boycotting tampax isn't radical in 2022. Choosing to not wear makeup or date men does nothing for working class women, and shaming women who make these choices for whatever reason borders on misogyny. That is not to say that analyzing female socialization isn't important, but rather that choice feminism does not lead to collective liberation.

Misogyny has a long standing history within the left. Today we have male feminists explain to women why sex trafficking and prostitution are sex work, so they can justify partcipating in sexual coercion. Hasan Piker's sex tourism at a Hawaii Brothel has been defended and excused with himalledgely not knowing that brothel was trafficking women. When discussing the overruling some leftists will refer to women as uterus or womb havers. In retort they will use the argument of whataboutism to pander to a specific group of females who identify as trans. Because we all know which class kept their reproductive anatomy. Pretending otherwise is misogyny in full effect.

It's disheartening to see little pushback in response to recent events, but if you're as dissatisfied as I am with the current state of things you should join an organization if you can. Carpool with friends who allign with your values and ethics. Have tough conversations with the men in your life. You can also contact me if you want some of my recommendations.