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The Faux Web

Don't get me wrong, I support anybody's efforts to distance themselves from social media. I was over the ritual before I entered my teens, so I'll admit that I don't fully understand the underlying culture. The irony is that there's no shortage of people on the web who bitch and moan about how much they dislike social media, and how social media has ruined their precious World Wide Web. I would even argue that most of these complaints have nothing to do with data privacy or ethics on average. For a long time I believed that I could find common ground with these re-awakened netziens, but I came to a depressing realization. The straw that broke the camel's back was really just a narcissistic sense of self importance.
Traditional walled gardens are known for their questionable moderation practices and inherent data mining goals, so there's definitely a list of reasons you wouldn't want to be on social media, all politics aside. However, I've still come to realize that these types tend to be leftists in the west. I've even seen self identified liberals (gross). When the right migrates from a mainstream platform, it's usually because of the neoliberal order and shareholders. They go their solitary islands and are shunned by anyone who doesn't want to subject themselves to racial abuse and stupidity. But when someone from the left migrates from a mainstream platform, it's usually because the thought policing and censorship wasn't enough for them as it is. What do you get? Shit like this. Periodic meltdowns from terminally online individuals with main character syndrome. If you don't agree, disagree, or agree with someone they disagree with, prepare to have everybody know how much they should disagree with you too. Bonus points if you are labeled -phobic (often without merit). I've already seen some of my trans mutuals labeled queerphobic or ableist over petty arguments dating back weeks. I forgot what I was called over kins, but whoever you are, you're still not a catgirl. I am apalled that adults can behave like this, but they continue to migrate into other spheres without any self awareness.
One of my favorite bloggers was recently harassed off this very platform, neocities. The reasons are not even worth discussing because the entire thing was blown out of proportion. I'm not even surprised by this two-faced behavior because the stalking and doxing attempts I received are also related to this wholesome community, specifically yesterweb. I was previously removed from the community because of my beliefs, which I was told made people feel 'unsafe' or on 'edge' with little explanation. The irony is what proceeded next. Members of the yesterweb then proudly identified themselves when giving information about this site to several bad actors in hopes of having me doxed. Did they think they were the first ones to try? I must be doing something right though, otherwise they wouldn't be threatened by a native woman who doesn't pander to postmodernism. Shoutout to anyone hatereading this site right now.


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I've finally come to understand; To inspire and create, is to breathe life into the industrial tarpits of the city. I think that most developers get a rush of excitement when they see their work featured on platforms with traffic equilvalent to rush hour in Times Square. Only it's more rugged, rough, unfinished, and definitely not polished on these cliffs. There is strength in creating for the sake of creation. There is community in a network of trust, and that sisterhood isn't one that can be broken. If there is at least one person that can learn something from me, whether positive or negative then I have done what I have set to achieve.


Am I a TERF? Find out with this short questionaire. It may reveal something to your own subconsious.

  1. Are you a monosexual? (you are only attracted to one sex regardless of orientation)
  2. if you answered yes can you say you have a preference?
  3. Do you believe that gender and sex are separate?
  4. if you answered yes do you use terms such as "assigned female/male at birth"? Why or why not?
  5. Do you believe in biological differences between the two sexes?
  6. if you answered yes, how so? How deep is your understanding?
    if you answered no then there's a lot of cognitive dissonance you need to grapple with.
  7. Do women single sex spaces?
  8. if you answered no, do you believe transgender mascs and femmes deserve their own spaces?
  9. Do you believe that you can identify into a race?
  10. if you answered no, why not? What is the difference between identifying between these two classes, that is gender and race as political categories.

I hope that this clears a few things up. While I don't care for gender ideology, and don't give a fuck about anyone's pronouns, I absolutely support gender non-conforming individuals regardless of how they identify. It does not mean I must subscribe to their religion. Yet, people have accepted sacrifice in their rituals and ceremonies within other systems.

I do not see the link between LGBT rights and a dedicated roleplay. It's really just (mainy) greasy white kids telling their friends on discord that they're a catboy with multiple renditions of Em. Rata within them. The entire concept of these third gender identities is appropriated from Indigenous practices. I don't fucking know anymore. There is no hatred in the truth, but liberation.