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Yahoo once began as a link directory in the 90s, so maybe that's some incentive to bookmark this page.

  1. Sustainability
  2. News and Journalism
  3. Artistry
  4. Security
  5. Shared Hosting
  6. Literature
  7. Wikis and Gardens
  8. Web Development
  9. Tools
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  13. Personal Sites and Journals


  • lowtechmagazine as described on their about page, Low-tech Magazine questions the belief in technological progress, and highlights the potential of past knowledge and technologies for designing a sustainable society.
  • Hundred Rabbits a two person collective living aboard a sailboat named Pino. Anybody get the Ergo Proxy reference? They record their progress with sustainable living on sea. Soap may not be included.

News and Journalism

  • mintpress anti-imperialist news source
  • itsgoingdown anarchist collective
  • Sub.Media Independent publication that covers current events with a variety of podcasts. Their work goes back to the early 2000s.
  • web3 is going great keep up with the grift
  • pluralistic weekly curation of media by science fiction author Corey Doctorow


  • thecreativeindependent Lots of unique interviews with legendary figures from all walks of life. I recommend anyone to go through their catalog.
  • The Provocateur A sapphic publication ran by Kristin Prim. Lesbian celebrities are interviewed about their intimate lifestyles.
  • 7nonsense a photographer's blog
  • Rekka sketch artist living aboard a boat
  • murid writing, art, and photography
  • emreed writer with an extensive portfolio
  • rosedryad pixel artist
  • Dylan Harris photography blog


  • Privacy Guides is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to tighten their digital security. Several contributers are respected or known in the cybersecurity community.
  • unredactedmagazine a unique publication covering all relevant news regarding cybersecurity. A great resource for anyone who doesn't have time to go through every securitynow podcast.
  • digdeeper some stuff on here may be outdated. Dude once asked me for feet pics (wtf).
  • yurichev good books on reverse engineering and related topics
  • sizeof(cat) security oriented blog
  • secrets of the dark stories from the darkest corners of the net

Shared Hosting

Nothing is truly free, please support your hosts!
  • neocities an extremely popular choice. Caveats include the amount of dead sites and immature adults migrating from places we're actively trying to avoid. The project maintainer still hasn't fixed some bugs either.
  • is a minimalist, non-commercial shared linux system offering several services
  • the best nix to join if you actually want to go ballsdeep and look at the underlying architecture of a shared hosting system
  • comfy tilde community with a cute aesthetic
  • dataswamp a non-profit, invite-only shared computer system with a small user base running on OpenBSD's native hypervisor vmm(4).
  • nixnet a variety of privacy respecting services
  • ichi city beginner friendly shared hosting alternative to neocities

Wikis and Gardens

Whatever you want to call it, digital garden, zettel, some absolutely made up name, etc. It's just a wiki.


Web Development

  • w3schools essential resource for learning semantic HTML and CSS
  • smolcss minimal code snippets
  • csslayout visualize common css components
  • penpot open source alternative to figma
  • v fonts you can test and try out open variable fonts here
for n00bs

You're not cool for calling yourself a webmaster you damn hipsters.

  • neothemes starter skeleton with 3 navigation styles
  • templaterr free starter themes and layouts
  • fool lovers textures, layouts, and graphics for your personal sites
  • awwards some inspiration



Old archives and historical findings.


Alternatives to traditional search engines

  • big list of personal websites submissions open
  • nightfall city proxied version of the original capsule, it's basically just a gemini directory of similarly themed sites
  • The Neon Kiosk allows for new blogposts and journal entries to be aggregated in one spot
  • districts a directory for neocities on neocities, the maintainer does not accept requests
  • wiby a search engine designed to mimic the discovery experience of the 90s, you can also submit pages

Messageboards, Forums, and Communities

  • uboachan imageboard dedicated to Yume Nikki
  • choachan cafe imageboard dedicated to k-pop
  • lainchan cyberpunk and programming oriented imageboard infested with lain fanboys
  • melonland melonking's forum
  • midnight pub there's nothing quite like this, a quiet chill messageboard
  • status cafe share your status, you can also customize the css of your homepage
  • pixel garden an entire forum dedicated to pixel art!

Personal Sites and Journals

7nonsense koinuko 7uncanny valley dokodemo Casiopea macchiato murid incessantpain Crafti's Site kokorobot rezmason cabbagesorter utsushimi arandomsite antikrist cyberneticdryad hekate absently depart mesoscale nuange emreed freckleskies fretnoize whitedesert evergreen xandra cyuucat lazybones xenobyte hotline cafe cadence lu.exe cycle