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1.13.2022 finally set up a cozy space here
1.15.2022 blog is live
3.14.2022 Plant Log & Morbid Curiosities
3.17.2022 Garden is offically live!
3.27.2022 Added more to the blog and bookmarks page
3.29.2022 New layout and color scheme
3.30.2022 I have my very own site button
4.29.2022 I felt like something new so everything is rehauled
6.7.2022 After a haitus I redesigned the site and added a few pages
6.10.2022 Completed finishing touches of layoutv3 !
7.6.2022 Added pages to the zettel and blog. Updated the index a bit.
7.9.2022 Added to bookmarks page and the blog

Like many others, I do not fit into common categorization, but I remain an outlier on this plane, no matter how many groups bond over their fixations or compulsions. So this node on the world wide web represents my digital presence where I write about philosophy, politics, technology, and recovery. My digital inferno is driven by creative freedom and expression, and is therefore not suitable for the faint of heart. The reading experience is improved with a cup of tea in hand.

I'm awful at first impressions so I recommend browsing through the site to get to know me more. The experience of discovery is much more engaging than it is to be handed the information you seek. I've personally found that about pages are lackluster first impressions. There is much more you can learn from what is unsaid through the webmaster's design choices and taste in media. A variety of assumptions can be compounded by any fixed number of variables visible to the audience. Judgement is an intimate endeavor.